We are thrilled with the number of spectators at our Dragon Hillclimbs! They add a lot of excitement to the event. This is a family friendly event and we do our best to make it fun for the whole family. Here’s a few things you may wish to know if you plan to join us at the Dragon IV Hillclimb – June 22 and 23!

Directions – The actual hillclimb site is about 20 minutes from Robbinsville, NC. There are hillclimb event signs guiding you all the way. The hillclimb site is next to the Joyce Kilmer National Forest entrance. Parking is available on sides of the road at the entrance and drivers are reminded to park their vehicles outside the white stripe to insure easy movement of emergency vehicles.

Admission – there is no charge for admission and shuttle buses are free. The buses can carry you from parking to main launch area, to the middle of course viewing are or to the top of the hill.

Spectator Viewing areas – We have three main viewing areas and each has grandstand seating at a safe distance and restroom facilities.  At the top of the hill, you can sit in the grandstands and watch the cars break the finish line, park their cars and enjoy talking to some of the drivers. Kids are encouraged to get autographs, ring the cowbells and watch the event and there is a beautiful view of the North Carolina mountains from the Observation Deck. You are welcome to bring your own chairs. Graham County EMS and Rescue Squad will be present at all times during the event.







Food / Souvenirs – We will have an assortment of drinks and food items available for reasonable costs, novelty items for the kids and souvenir shirts. You may bring your own picnic if you like but no alcoholic beverages are allowed at the event.

Children / Pets – Children are welcome but must remain with the parents when on the course. We have cowbells for the kids to ring and they will enjoy hanging out with our Dragon mascot. Our drivers enjoy meeting young people, showing their cars and explaining hillclimbs to young people… and hearing the kids ringing the cowbells on turns makes the driver go FASTER! Courseworkers will keep you in safe areas while the cars are making runs. No dogs will be allowed on the actual course but are welcome in other areas as long as they are kept on a leash.

Saturday Schedule – Drivers will begin making runs at 8:30 and will stop around 11:45 AM for lunch. We will resume making runs at 1:00 PM and run until 4:00-5:00 PM. Cars will make runs one at a time against the clock to the top of the 2.2 mile course. After all the cars in that group have finished, we’ll send them back down the hill and let the shuttle buses run. We run in sun, rain and fog. We do not run when there is a thunderstorm. If weather should become threatening we will help all guests to their cars by shuttle bus.

Sunday Schedule – Sunday will be much the same but we will have a quiet hour and brief service for those who wish to attend at 11:00 AM. Cars will run until 3:30 and we will a trophy presentation for winning drivers. The fastest man and woman will receive a special trophy as King and Queen of the Hill – a beautiful Dragonslayer sword.

 We look forward to sharing this event with you and your family!

See you at the Dragon Hillclimb June 22-23 in Robbinsville, NC