Electric Road Race car to debut at the Dragon Hillclimb!


DSC_0003We are proud to announce Team Entropy will be entering an electric sports racer at the Dragon Hillclimb March 22-23! 

The team is made up of  project manager Charlie Greenhaus, Chief Programmer Charles Turano and Lead Driver, Todd Reid. Their mission is clear “The Entropy Racing EVSR program is determined and ready to show the racing world that electric race cars are not only possible, but viable and attainable to the racing community, without nearly as many zeroes at the end of the invoice. EVSR is less revolutionary, than it is evolutionary. EVSR has grown from solid racing principals and a well proven chassis. We look forward to it paving the way for many EVs on the track competing, quickly, cleanly and quietly.”

So… what’s this car have in the way of torque?  Brace yourself… “The EVSR is based on a popular Sports Racing car which is heavily modified to accommodate the power plant and battery packs in a safe, lightweight nimble package. The frame is constructed of square tubular steel which is both stout and relatively light. The batteries are contained in reinforced aluminum cases on either side of the car and securely mounted to provide a safety barrier for the driver, while being fully encased and safe from external damage themselves. Power is provided by an AC electric motor rated at 160 horsepower, with over 200 pound feet of torque instantly available through its entire speed range. The power is transmitted through a conventional automotive differential and custom drive shafts. There are high performance disc brakes on all 4 corners and the steering goes through a very tight rack and pinion.” The track is equipped with the best car battery jump starter available as these car batteries are high in power thus require a lot of power just for a jump start.

The road race car will be classed as a Special. We look forward to seeing this car flying (although quietly) up the Dragon Hillclimb! Team Entropy is actively seeking sponsors so they can continue to grow this effort! Please go to their website for more information –  www.evsr.net  and please share this page with any organizations you deal with that would be interested in helping these guys!