The Dragon is coming up FAST!


Many of our drivers and fans are going up early to explore the beauty of the Nantahala Forests and do some early recon. We are hearing from locals in Graham County and they are glad to have you! Please remember this is still a national forest and we are under US Forest Services  jurisdiction. They do give speeding tickets and do patrol the road! It is easy to think if you drive to the top of the road and back down and see no cars, you have the road to yourself. That is not true. There are several trails that dump out at the top of the road at the Observation Deck and hikers walk down the road to the entrance to Joyce Kikmer. If you round the corner out of your lane, they might hear you and assume they are fine in other lane.  Also, if you have a wreck or a break down… cell service can be spotty so you may be there a while! Be careful and take care of our site and our drivers. Be sure to let the locals know you are a hillclimber and how much we appreciate their hospitality. See you on the hill!

Dragon Article hits Grassroots Motorsports! Get your FREE Issue!!!

Grassroots Motorsports has been a sponsor of the Dragon Hillclimb since the very first one in 2011. Last year, they sent a reporter to do an article about our event and it will be in the next issue of Grassroots Motorsports! You’ll see action pictures of Mike Breakey, Mike Tablas, Lars Lattstrom, Nate Wimbrow and Heikki Rinta-Koski, our current KING of the Hill!  Also, interviews with Kat Karns, Dustin Webb, Marvin Fordham and others. This is a well written article and captures much of the fun of our sport.

On top of that, Grassroots Motorsports is offering of our hillclimbers this issue FREE of charge! You’ll see information on our event and how to get started in the sport. For your free issue, click here and fill out the form and the will mail it to your address (inside continental US).  FREE ISSUE OFFER

Thanks to Tim & Marjorie Suddard, Nancy Gomez,  article by John Webber, pictures by Clark McInnes and Grassroots Motorsports staff for their continued support and kind offer!




Sept. 13 & 14 Dragon Hillclimb is coming fast!




– LODGING  : We are already hearing of places filling up fast. There are still rooms at Appalachian Inn ( , Mountain Manor (, Dragon’s Rest (, Simple Life Campgrounds (  and several other places found under the LODGING tab above. These places  are mentioned specifically because they are sponsoring our drivers and we DO appreciate them GREATLY! Let them know you are a hillclimber when you call. Some do give discounts for SCCA Hillclimbers! Also, be aware that many of the chalets divided by 2 couples are cheaper than hotels and very nice. Graham County appreciates us and is looking forward to our event! 

– DRIVERS : Registration has been open 42 hours and we have 32 already entered. Please remember to sign in on site, download the supps and entry forms found on the EVENT FLYER / ENTRY FORM tab. Fill them out along with your bio and mail in your entry with your check to reserve your spot. 

-WORKER PRIZES : Any drivers wishing to donate prizes to our WORKER RAFFLE, please email Ted at  This is appreciated by staff who work hard to keep the mountain course safe and clear! Thanks! We have already had a working full size TRAFFIC LIGHT donated … that will look great hanging in someone’s garage … (or living room if they are single.)

– HAT NIGHT CONTEST : Back by popular demand, it’s Saturday Night HAT NIGHT! $25 prize for two best hats as selected by our wait staff! 

– FRIDAY REGISTRATION : Greg and the nice staff at THE HUB have agreed to allow us to hold Registration and Tech at their place again this year. They enjoyed having us and look forward to welcoming our drivers and staff to Robbinsville! See you at THE HUB!




ESVR Hillclimber – Todd Reid on the mend!












Todd Reid drove the yellow EVSR electric car along with Charlie Greenhaus at the last Dragon Hillclimb. Last week, Todd was involved in a bad racing accident at Summit Point in his Ford Probe. He has been released from the hospital and is back home recovering now. Many of our hillclimbers had been asking about him and wanting reports on his status. Todd sent the following message to our Dragon Hillclimbers :

“Hey – thanks  all SO much for the kind messages and all the support !!!! I just arrived at home and am so glad to leave the hospital. Please relay to everyone that I’m home and starting the recovery process already. Thanks again!!!”



Dragon Hillclimb represented at One Lap of America – Chris Porter!

Many of you remember one of our Dragon Hillclimb drivers, Chris Porter in the white Porsche 944. He had a “close encounter” with a guard rail last year. 













Chris and his team mate, Herman Porter, are competing in the One Lap of America this year with their Corvette LS3 powered Porsche 944… and rocking a Dragon decal to rep for us!












We wish them great success!  Keep up with their progress at :

Dragon VI – Videos and pictures


WWW.AFORWARDMOTION.COM    Great pictures and story here from -Kenneth Midgett & Mitchell Fillyaw   HERE







 KILLBOY – DRAGON HILLCLIMB    –  This is a link to Darryl Cannon’s KILLBOY site where all pictures form all of our Dragon Hillclimbs are stored. Darryl was instrumental in opening this hill and has been a strong supporter and sponsor of our events. THANKS  Darryl and Lori! 



1781688_375822655891912_21634660_o   Bryan Cooper – a regular at our events does great work for us.   




1900307_10153950573175716_1369732736_o    Mitchell Fillyaw made some super shots this weekend






Daniel Semon –  Pictures from the weekend HERE. Thanks  to Mountain Automotive Promotions.

Devon Barkley – His first hillcliumb and good shots from all over the mountain. HERE

MORE PHOTOS COMING... send your links to



Darryl Cannon’s video and Drone footage of the hillclimb – AWESOME!  GREAT COVERAGE!  

TVR’s Paul Balance delivering the mail on the mountain –

Rajat Aggarwal –  CSP Miata… best run

Todd Reid in the EVSR Electric Sports Racer –

Johnny Valencia – Foggy run

Rick Burris in Scott Cotten’s Miata (nice side view)  –

Kathryn Karns in Buffy in the FOG –


MORE VIDEOS COMING... send your links to 


NEED your help! Workers, Drivers and Spectators… if you were at the SCCA CCR Dragon Hillclimb last weekend and did not fill out a survey, please do and send it to me. This is VERY helpful in understanding impact we had on local businesses and economy and this data will help open doors for future events and sites! THANKS…Appreciate your support and help! EXCELSIOR!


Drivers & Staff – a few last minute notes!

Robbinsville and Graham County are preparing for our arrival next weekend! The mountain has been trimmed and road cleaned. Hotels and rentals are getting ready for our crowd and the merchants are stocking up! Here’s a few last minute notes to help you get started…

ARRIVAL – This Friday, Registration for workers and drivers will be at the THE HUB – The Hub is a coffee shop, restaurant and motorcycle rental  that just opened recently at 664  Rodney Orr By Pass in Robbinsville, NC   If you come in town on 143 (also called Sweetwater Road) you will come to a light at a T . Turn RIGHT on to Rodney Orr ByPass. The Hub is on the right in less than a mile next to Carquest Autoparts. You can park at Carquest, at The Hub or in front of the next building down.

Drivers – you may pick your spot on the hill AFTER you have been to registration and been tech’ed. NOT BEFORE. Remember that all cars, trailers and tents must be OUTSIDE of white lines on sides of the road  per U.S. Forest Services rules (see supplemental rules here.)  7:30 PM  is Novice drivers meeting at the Microtel in Robbinsville (If you turn left at T coming into to town, Microtel is immediately to your right). Novice Driver is any one who has not driven this hill before and those driving on a novice permit. 

Event Staff –  after signing in, we invite you to tour  Robbinsville and grab some dinner at any of their eating establishments. If you are a first time worker, there is a brief worker meeting at  Microtel at 7:00 PM All workers are invited.  For things to do in Robbinsville area, see here  and Graham County Travel and Tourism has a nice brochure with eating places and directions at Registration when you arrive.


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